Meet Travis & Haley G

Well Hello there! .....and Yay!! We are so excited you made it this far and want to know more about us! We would like to say thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to check out our passion! 

We are Travis and Haley Garrett, a fun loving husband and wife photography team that specializes in romantic weddings! We also love to photograph fashion, commercial work, and anything fitness! We are based in Oklahoma City, and we love to travel worldwide! We have been married for 10 years, and it’s been an awesome journey! We have 2 beautiful girls that are a BIG part of our life, Zuri and Vera! (ha, they are our Great Danes) Although we enjoy getting dressed up for each other and going out on hot dates, our ideal night is binge-watching Netflix while snuggling our Great Danes on the couch. =) In 2010 we photographed our first wedding, and have since fallen in love with having the honor to photograph our amazing couples on the best day of their lives! We are extremely passionate about what we do and without God we could not do this alone! Our life's verse is:  "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strengthPhilippians 4:13We believe our Heavenly Father has blessed us with these talents and we are called to use them! =) 

Our mission is simpleto give you an amazing experience and provide you with breathtaking images that tell YOUR wedding day story perfectly!

We would love to meet you over coffee or dessert, and get to know YOU through a F2F (face-to-face) meeting, all you have to do is CONTACT US HERE!

About Haley

What’s up! I’m Haley G. When I first meet you, I’m more likely to give you a hug than a handshake. I am a girly girl at heart. I adore all things pretty! Weddings, sparkly dresses, high heels, makeup and absolutely LOVE making women look & feel beautiful! 

  • When I'm not out taking pictures of beautiful people, I'm saving lives as a respiratory therapist.
  • Coffee, I can't live without it!
  • I sing and talk to our dogs in a weird baby voice! haha! who doesn’t do that with their dogs?
  • Cooking is my newfound obsession, and trust me ladies the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!
  • I love fitness and health! But I am a sucker for doublestuff oreos (Shh!!! Don’t Tell!!)
  • Dark Chocolate and Red Wine is my drug of choice! (specifically Urban Wine Works Plaza Red, so delicious!!)                    
  • I am a sucker for romantic comedies like 27 dresses, Letters to Juliet, Bride Wars,  & Leap Year. I can’t even count how many times I have watched these movies!
  • I am a lover of all animals, especially Dogs, so we would love for you to bring your fur babies to your photo sessions
  • I love any excuse to get dressed up, and go out! But 70% of the time I’m either in yoga pants or comfy pajama pants and sweatshirt with my hair up in a ponytail editing images of fabulous couples!
  • I am OCD and carefree at the same time, my hubby says that’s what makes me remarkable!

About Travis

Hey! I’m Travis, and this is the part where I tell you more about myself! I am the technical side of our photography. I am the photoshop specialist, the camera gear geek, and lighting master (as my wife would say). I love DIY stuff and all things modern!

  • I just finished up my PhD in Organic Chemistry (Organic what?! ... think Walter White from Breaking Bad)
  • I can’t grow a beard to save my life, but I’m still pretty cool.
  • I enjoy long walks….in Home Depot.
  • I love to build things with my hands, after my long walks in Home Depot.
  • I have become a connoisseur of making fresh bar drinks…. specifically the Whiskey Sour or a fine Manhattan.
  • The best day of my life was when I watched my wife walk toward me down the aisle. I will admit I teared up a bit.
  • My mind never sleeps, I love to research and learn.
  • I am a teacher at heart, and I love it when I can empower others through education.
  • My favorite style of music is EDM(techno), and Blasterjaxx and Tiesto are the best artists ever! 
  • Even though I love the modern city atmosphere, nothing beats a weekend being in the great pole, shotgun, the smell of the woods, and the peaceful sounds of nature....except bees or wasps....I will run away like a screaming baby!

If you have read this far and still want to get to know us better, we would love to buy you a beverage of your choice and get to know you as well! Click the button below and lets set up a F2F (face-to-face) meeting!!

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