10.07.2015 Kevin + Macy = MARRIED! | Texas Wedding Photographers |

We always love the opportunity to photograph destination weddings, especially when the bride and groom happen to be our great friends! We met Kevin and Macy when we photographed a destination wedding in Jamaica, where Macy was one of the bride’s maids. Travis and Kevin hit it off like they have been best friends for life. We enjoyed hanging out with them and getting to know them, as they were still dating at the time. And now we are so excited to show you their wedding day story! Kevin and Macy’s beautiful outdoor ceremony and reception was held at the Poetry Springs Venue in Terrell, Texas. We can’t say thank you enough to Kevin and Macy for allowing us to capture your love for each other, and thank you for choosing us as your wedding photographers and we wish you both and lifetime of happiness and blessings! xoxo As always we love hearing about how our couples met and their proposal! Here is Kevin and Macy’s story told by Macy…

“Kevin and I met when I was a freshman at Union College in Lincoln, NE. Our mutual friends introduced us at the business club’s end of the year bash. Kevin got the idea to race down the bounce house slide, well Kevin decided to do front flips down the stairs and I got to the bottom first and he got to the bottom and sprained his ankle really bad and of course blamed me haha! After that night we became good friends and in 2013 we decided to date and in February 2014 we officially started dating, long distance that is!

In December 2014 we had a trip planned to Lake Tahoe with some of our friends. We got a late start and hit lots of rain and snow on the way out there. So we arrive after dark and stop at this cheap hotel to change, Kevin telling me to hurry and that he doesn't want to stay here. So Paul is with us and looking up restaurants to go eat at and I'm looking up new hotels. We start driving up the mountain into these houses, meanwhile Paul is navigating and we end up being "lost." Finally we pull into this driveway of this large cabin like house and I'm sure we are not at the right place so Kevin sends Paul upstairs. Kevin asks if I'm coming and I say no I'll stay in the car. He goes up the stairs and tells me to come up. I see the candles on the railing but don't think anything of it. I then walk onto the balcony and there are candles all over the place and Kevin is standing there. I am then getting nervous because I don't know what's going on. He comes to get me and starts talking and the whole time I'm thinking what is going on and this isn't real. He goes on and I realize this is real and he gets down on his knee and asks me to marry him!”

All the Wonderful Vendors:  Venue: Poetry Springs in Rockwell, Texas   Photographers: Travis + Haley G   Videographers: BrandonSteward   Wedding Dress: Wine country bride in Santa Rosa, California   Bridesmaid's dresses: Alfred Angelo   Cake: Shayla Berkins   Florist: Wild Rose Events   DJ: Jed at Complete Music   Hair & Makeup: Bebe Tran   Men's Tux's: Men's warehouse   Pastor: Buell Fogg   Caterer: Fast Freddie's BBQ

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