2015.8.26 Robert + Debbie = ENGAGED! | Oklahoma Wedding Photographers |

Robert & Debbie are such a fun & sweet couple! They both, along with Robert's son, Easton had Travis & I laughing with them for most of their engagement session. Easton is such a cutie, he is three years old & loves spiderman. Robert & Debbie are going to have a lovely I DO BBQ backyard wedding with music, drinks, BBQ & lawn games that will be held in the OKC area. It is going to be a fun wedding & celebration for these two!

 We love hearing the story of how our couples met & their proposal! Here is Robert & Debbie's story, told by Debbie...
"Robert and I met while he was umpiring one of my coed softball games. He asked for my number (while I was batting) and knowing how cocky he was I told him, "nah, honey you don't date girls like me".  Apparently not, he just marries them after a little persistence.  Lol.
Robert proposed in typical Robert fashion. We had been talking about buying a boat or 4-wheeler for months and i had told him I wasn't financing anything with him till we were married. House rules.  Casually after work one day, Robert came home and asked me nonchalantly if I still wanted to get married.  I said, "why, did you find a boat or a 4-wheeler?", then realized he was serious when he pulled out a ring that he had picked and bought on his own. Lol.

Anybody that knows us knows we love to hunt.  Robert introduced me to it two years ago when we met.  He took me duck hunting and I was hooked. Bought a bow and a shotgun that year.  We are coming up on our third deer season together and can't wait. We literally scheduled our wedding around deer season!!!!"

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