5.9.2015 Courtney's Bridal Portraits | Oklahoma Wedding Photography |

We are excited to show you Courtney's glamorous bridal photos taken in downtown Oklahoma City! We photographed in the Myriad Gardens, the Devon Tower, and the awesome Skydance Bridge at night. Not only does Courtney look stunning, she is full of smiles and glowing with happiness!  We love photographing at nighttime! After the sun sets is when the real magic happens. We are passionate about showing off the city lights, especially from Oklahoma City's Skydance bridge, and bringing a modern and vibrant aura to our images! Congratulations to you both Courtney + Colton! 2015-05-08_005 2015-05-08_004 2015-05-08_007 2015-05-08_006 2015-05-08_008 2015-05-08_009 2015-05-08_012 2015-05-08_010 2015-05-08_013 2015-05-08_011 2015-05-08_014 2015-05-08_016 2015-05-08_015 2015-05-08_017 2015-05-08_018 2015-05-08_020 2015-05-08_021 2015-05-08_019