7.16.2015 Joey + Brenna = Engaged! | Oklahoma Wedding Photographers |

We are so excited to show you Joey and Brenna's engagement portraits! Joey and Brenna are such a fun and sweet couple, and they wanted to bring their dog Charlie in on the fun!
When we first met with Joey and Brenna, we asked how they met and how Joey proposed. Brenna was so excited to tell her story, so we thought we would share her own words!
"We met through mutual friends. My best friend from work is married to a guy he plays soccer with.  She asked me to go watch one of her husbands soccer games because she felt bad that she never goes, so I went with her. Joey was playing in that game, and tore his ACL that same game right in front of me! We started talking via Facebook about his surgery because I'd had knee surgery before and then had to wait 4 weeks to go on a date because his surgery was his right knee so he couldn't drive to go on a date.

We dated about a year and a half before he proposed, even though we both knew pretty early on that this was it!

He proposed in December by making me think we were going ice skating in downtown OKC with his sister and her husband. When we got there they called and said they needed Joey to come look at their truck because the lights weren't working. We walked through the botanical gardens and there was a trellis with mistletoe. He walked me over there, told me he loved me and told me to look to my right. There was a big wrapped present that lit up that said "Will you Marry Me?"

Then my sister and his sister popped out of the bushes taking pics. Next they asked if we wanted to go get a drink, which I needed, and when we walked into a hotel downtown  I was surprised all over again because all of my family, his family and our friends were waiting there to surprise me!"

We are blessed to have amazing clients like Joey and Brenna! We can't wait to photograph your wedding! =)

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