8.20.2015 Chris + Lindsey = Engaged! | Oklahoma Wedding Photographers |

Chris and Lindsey met as their careers crossed paths, she is a nurse and he is a nurse practitioner. They were friends first of course, then after a few years started dating. They both knew early on that they were head over heels for each other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together, wherever life takes them! Recently they moved to Oklahoma from Pennsylvania for an amazing career opportunity! After dating for a little over a year and a half, Chris knew it was the right time to propose. During a visit back east to his parents house, Chris recreated a very personal, romantic evening he and Lindsey shared together about a year prior (the moment he says he knew he loved Lindsey and wanted her to be his wife).

As Lindsey says it best, “I was absolutely in shock and completely blown away, it was the best, most heartfelt moment. At the end of the evening he asked me to be his wife and of course I said yes! and he gave me this gorgeous diamond ring that he designed himself. It was very special to immediately be able to celebrate with family. One of the best weekends of our lives, for sure!”

When Chris and Lindsey aren’t saving lives, they absolutely love playing with their puppy Renly. He is so cute!! They also love to fire up the grill and cook together! Chris and Lindsey always enjoy stealing time away on the beach, and it just so happens that they will be getting married on the beach in Mexico!!! OMG!! We are so excited to be photographing their wedding, as we too love the beach!!

We can’t say enough great things about Chris and Lindsey! They were so much fun on their engagement session! Even though it was blazing hot outside, and while we were sweating head to toe, Chris and Lindsey looked so happy and in love! Renly, their fur baby, was so adorable and loved posing for the camera! We started in downtown Oklahoma City for a modern classy look, and then drove to Lake Hefner for a romantic woodsy beach look. As we were about to wrap up our session, there was a lightning storm rolling in over top of us. And it was so worth it to jump in the lake (yes we did get in the water!) with Chris and Lindsey long enough to capture that amazing sunset!

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