8.24.2015 Beau + Ashley = MARRIED! | Oklahoma Wedding Photographers |

Beau + Ashley are getting married at The Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, OK. We loved photographing their engagement portraits at The Skydance Bridge and at The Skirvin. These two are so much fun and were a blast to photograph! We are excited to be photographing your wedding soon!! We love hearing the story of how our couples met and their proposal! Here is Beau and Ashley’s story, told by Ashley…

“We met in the summer of 2011 online. We had a few mutual friends. After talking for over a month we had our first date on June 1st. By July 1st we became official and I knew this man was really special!  On a memorable trip, Beau and I went to see my Grandma a few years ago and she really gave me something to think about. When Beau left the room for a bit she out of nowhere asked me if I thought he was the one? I told her I think he really could be. I will never forget this conversation... She said, ‘Well I know he is! If a man has that much love in his eyes for a woman then it is forever and meant to be!’

We dated for a little over three years and on my birthday, Beau popped the question at Castle Falls. We were having a romantic 5 course dinner and at the end I was so surprised when he knelt down on one knee. After dinner Beau had arranged for all of our closest friends to meet us at Groovy's for a night of dancing and celebrating! My 24th birthday was very memorable! We had been talking about marriage for a while, but he completely surprised me on my birthday! We are best friends as corny as it sounds and we do everything together from crafting, going to the gun range, camping, playing with our fur baby Coco, to lazy movie nights at home. We love to have fun together and I love how we get each other's quick witted sarcastic sense of humor. We keep each other laughing until we are in the brink of tears. I know that Beau is my perfect match and the best is yet to come!”

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