8.26.2015 Corey + Ashley = ENGAGED! | Oklahoma Wedding Photographers |

Ashley and Corey have known each other since seventh grade and are true HighSchool sweethearts! 7th grade is where it all started...Ashley and Corey had a class together! Corey remember's it so well, the first thing he ever said to her was "Hi, I like your shoes!" Lol... He wanted to ask her out at the time but he didn't have the courage to. So, Corey did what any other 7th grader would do...have his friend ask her out for him. It worked & they were pretty much inseparable after that! These two lovebirds enjoyed hanging out with their friends, she played softball & he played baseball during school.
Years later... one beautiful afternoon, Corey took Ashley to a brunch date at the golf course. As they were taking a walk through the golf course, that is where he got down on one knee & proposed!!!
Travis & I really enjoyed photographing Ashley & Corey's engagement session! We love capturing their sweet romance & laughter with each other! We really look forward to being a part of their beautiful wedding at the gorgeous south wind hills Venue next year! =)

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